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I trust this Aurora locksmith.

I literally can not tell you how many times I have locked myself out of my car. Seriously, it has become a joke in my family. And this isn’t a recent thing. It was within the first week that I got my driver’s license that I locked my keys in the car I was driving. The first week! First thing I tried was one of those magnetic hide a key boxes which would have, in theory, been a great idea, but really they fell off when you hit big bumps. And frankly, I was 16 and  had just bought a Jeep. I was bound to passionately hid a bump here and there. And then there was the trial and error period of the spare key in the wallet. Beautiful idea, unless you lock your purse in the car too. Yeah, that was not my best moment. I am not proud to admit that that was not the first moment of its kind.

So yes, I have a great affinity for the locksmiths of this world though I don’t much fancy the ones who are not twenty-four hours, who are slow or for the ones that cost an arm and a leg. I am always looking for the trustworthy, affordable and accessible! I have found that your best bet is to go with the companies that provide automotive, residential and commercial locksmiths. They seem to have the best hours and the greatest prices. As you can see from my track record, I can’t afford for a locksmith to be anything less than cost effective.

In the spring of last year I moved to Aurora. I love it here! It’s a perfect blend of the plains and the mountains. Though I have been distracted by its beauty many of times and since I have been here have locked my keys in my car also quite a bit. You can’t understand how terrifying it is to lock your keys in your car when you are in a new city, especially when you don’t have a phone that accesses internet. Not to mention it’s absolutely embarrassing!

commercial locksmithsSo I boldly asked a stranger if they knew a trustworthy Aurora locksmith. She told me that she didn’t remember any number off the top of her head. I then boldly and fearfully asked if I could borrow her smart phone to do a google search on the matter. She smiled and handed me her phone. After the technological curve that is granted to those of us who don’t have a smart phone, I was able to type in a search for a locksmith.

One of the first names that came up for Aurora locksmiths was for 5280 Locksmith. I had obviously never heard of that company before, nor had I understood the significance of 5280! However, the kindly lady that offered me her phone told me they were most definitely a reputable company that she herself had used when her sixteen year old son had locked himself out of his car only the year before. I called them and in no time flat I was able to get back into my vehicle.





The CNI provides neuro rehab that benefits their patients.

neuro rehabThe Colorado Neurological Institute that is located in Southeast Denver, CO provides individuals who suffer form various neurological disorders the opportunity to receive comprehensive complementary care that they could find no where else. The CNI is a leader is offering individuals with neurological therapy that get to the root of these issues. Some of the ways that the CNI helps individuals is through their three focus areas: research, patient services and education. The research aspect ensures that individuals receives the latest and most up to date procedures that can provide the best results. Research in fact directly benefits their myriad of patient services. And then of course education for individuals and to the greater community to help any one understand the way these issues can affect individuals and community.

And then finally, their patient services. Essentially, the patient services that they provide are under the umbrella of rehabilitation. They provide many different kinds of rehab based on whatever symptoms or disorders you are living with. For example they have speech therapy or speech language pathology, occupational therapy, care and counseling coordination, and finally physical therapy. Each of these services are detailed in their execution and provide individuals with the best results.

Their speech language pathology includes helping individuals relearn how to swallow. This service is Vital Stim certified. There is also an evaluation of cognition and then treatment that follows accordingly. They have opportunities to help with facial treatments for those who have experience bell’s palsy and then finally Lee Silverman vocal training.

Next they have their physical therapy which includes lower extremity function or lower limb function also known as gait training, balance assessment which includes an assessment of an individual’s risk of falling, walking aids including possibly braces, theracycle and vestibular therapy which works with the central nervous system to help with inner ear deficiencies.

Then they have their occupational therapy which helps with the function of your upper extremities including arms. This also helps with offering assistance with daily living, assessing individuals ability to drive, and then vision therapy. These can be helpful for those who have suffered in a way that inhibits their speech.

Last but certainly not least, they have their care and coordination service. It is important for individuals who have several doctors helping them to heal to have communication between those doctors. If one physician finds a certain kind of therapy or medicine works better than another, then everyone having this information is incredibly important. Especially if one doctor is noticing trends that others aren’t, this can prevent something getting worse or facilitate a faster healing time. This care section of their program offers individual therapy if the patient so chooses. Dealing with these issues can be deeply traumatic and the CNI understands this. Not only do these issues effect the individuals but they can also affect those with loved ones so there is family counseling provided. As well, these issues can be very overwhelming and so the CNI offers long term care planning. And finally the CNI is committed to connecting individuals with the various resources that the community offers.

The quest for the eco-friendly deck

http://www.centennialdecks.comWho doesn’t want a beautiful back-yard paradise on which to spend cool spring nights and warm summer evenings? For those with a penchant for the environment, this might not be as simple a question. How can I have both the benefits of a beautiful custom deck and be kind to Mother Earth? Fortunately, deck builders have considered this quandry, and there are a plethora of materials to solve the moral-ecological dilemma!

As a self-proclaimed environmental activist myself, I too wondered growing up if my family’s wooden deck was the best option. What will happen to the deck when it’s rotted away? How can we protect it from the wear and tear the weather imposes upon our summer retreat? And how can it possibly be good for the earth to tear down trees to create such a project?

Timber is clearly a controversial topic. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air to keep the earth’s inhabitants breathing clean, fresh air. It is a critical component of a functioning ecosystem and forests clearly need to be protected. Pine and cedar have been the traditional woods of choice in the art of deck buildinghowever the clear cutting of these woods have left many skeptical of the sustainability of such material usage. Some would suggest that after the deck is no longer usable that it be recycled or burned and used in some other fashion. However, pressure treated woods cannot be safely used in this manner. Pressure treatments, intended to increase durability against harsh weather conditions and environmental concerns such as termites, contain toxins. Some of these toxins are also used rat poisons, and burning such material releases toxins into the air. Such a reuse, then, is simply not possible. These chemicals are traditional fossil-fuel based, adding oil to the otherwise natural product. Moreover, many woods used to create decks are clearcut from tropical forests, adding another dimension to the problem.

So, what is to be done? There is a solution! Using wood alternatives, such as PVC and composite materials, make it possible not only to protect the environment but also create that backyard paradise we all so crave. Centennial Custom Decks knows this dilemma well and discusses the benefits of such materials across their website. Sweet victory! We can have our cake and eat it too when using such materials. Many companies producing composite wood materials and plastic decking use recycled plastic to create their products. Not only do these materials release us from the need to use our dearly depleted forests, but they actually reduce the waste materials circulating the planet! The downsides to this nearly-ideal substitute is that waste is not compostable. However, the natural wood used in traditional decks cannot fall in this category either following the treatment process.

Your best option, then, in creating both an outdoor paradise and also preserving the great outdoors is in using recycled products that minimize clear cutting and the use of dangerous chemicals. You can create custom desk that gives your children memories for years to come while as preserving the earth for them!

Centennial Custom Decks

The Top Types of Airport Transportation

limo rentalSome of the most common types of airport transportation are explored in this article. These include:

Shuttles – are provided by many airlines or hotel bookings. Once you arrive at the airport, you have the option to share a shuttle bus with several other passengers. The shuttle will take a few stops to planned destinations, but these are usually close in proximity to each other.

Limo Service – is a chartered service and is more affordable than one might think. The limo driver usually greets the passenger at the time of baggage claims with a placard and exercises the utmost professionalism. In addition, the chauffeur will handle all luggage, open the door for passengers, and provide a smooth, clean and comfortable ride. The predominant benefit of the limo rental is that passengers get to travel in fine style. The service also eliminates the hassle of further travel, after a long and exhausting flight.

Taxis – can be chartered in advance as well, or passengers can flag down taxi operators that are authorized to work in these restricted areas. The fees are usually clear cut for airport taxi services, as most will post a flat fee for driving into the main city. If you’re planning to go further however, it’s likely you’ll pay a metered service, so check these rates prior to hiring. One quick note is that if the miles from the airport to the destination is limited, credit cards may not be accepted as there are minimum charges required.

Rental Cars – are an alternative to the above mentioned transportation systems. The main difference is that drivers will be operating the vehicle themselves. Drivers can also opt to keep the car service for as long as its paid or reserved. One tip is to book these services in advance as airports tend to get busy. You will need a security deposit to cover incidentals such as late returns, fuel surcharges or minor damages to the vehicle for instance. It’s advisable that when rental cars are taken out, the driver also pays for insurance as well as GPS services – especially when they’re new in town.

You have options when it comes to the type of DIA Airport Transportation that is chartered. Some of the factors that will help in the decision making process includes:

The Time Available – can you take your leisurely time to move from the airport to your destination, or are you planning to head to an important meeting. While many business travelers plan in advance for their trip, flight delays happen, and furthermore customs checking can be lengthy. As such, it’s important to book transportation that will cater to your time-based needs. A rental car may be convenient for instance, however you may not be familiar with the town and end up taking a different route. In this event, a limousine service or taxi would be more appropriate.

Comfort Levels – do you like living in the lap of luxury including while driving? Then the most appropriate transportation of choice would be a limousine.

Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry is an excellent family dentist.

I remember my step sister was so afraid of the dentist. I am not sure why, I guess she had a lot of cavities as a little girl and the dentist she went to wasn’t the gentlest one. She just got so nervous before going to see him. I remember getting in trouble because I didn’t understand her fear and I teased her a little about it. I was certainly immediately straightened up by her mom.

Her mom and my dad ended up having a baby boy a few years later and they both realized that they wanted to find a better dentist for him since my step sister never seemed to get over her fear of dentists. So they started avidly looking for a dental office that would be kind, warm and welcoming to them. They wanted to find a place that understood children can be afraid of the dentist an they wanted to make sure the dentists there would even love their children and remember who they were for years.

Finally they came across Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry and decided they were be the absolute best pediatric dentist they could come across. They fit all of the needs that they wanted for their new born child. They understood the stress of going to the dentist and would everything in their power to make sure his experience would be a happy and enjoyable one versus a scary and traumatic one. They told them that they see children as their own and love them like family. This made my dad and my step mom so very happy. This was their last child ever and since they were older parents they really wanted to be intentional about the parenting choices they made. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry definitely fit the bill when it came to positive and loving parenting. So they went ahead and made an appointment.

My step sister was so happy that our little brother would have a better dentist experience than she did. She went with him several times when he had appointments to offer him support but he never did need it because he was having such a good time there. The people at Southmoor really did understand and love children so there was never any fear dental officeof going there and having his teeth worked on. The whole family was pleased with the choice for our little brother to go to this dentist. In fact I think my step sister was even jealous of my little brother getting to go see the dentists at Southmoor who were so educated, experienced and loving to him. It didn’t stop there though. The staff was also exceptional and so kind and accommodating. They made sure that anyone who was with my little brother felt welcome and comfortable as well. The doctors made sure to communicated everything that was going on with my brother clearly and accurately to my dad and my step mom which they greatly appreciated. The office is warm, friendly and well-run. I will always suggest Southmoor to any one who is looking for a family dentist.

Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry

6850 E. Hampden Ave., Suite 100

Denver, CO 80224

Choosing a contractor for our roof repair

When we first decided to get our roof looked at, we weren’t sure where to turn for the repair team.  A roof repair isn’t something that we really could do ourselves, and so we knew that we needed to hire a professional contractor to take care of all the repairs, but we weren’t sure exactly where to find such a contractor or how to be sure we found the best one out there, someone we could trust and who would do the best job with the roof. It turns out that the best method really was to ask around, and get recommendations from word of mouth. There are all kinds of website that deal in rating and reviewing contractors, and you can always find people on those sites. But for us, after we had a few come out and take a look at our project and our roof, talk to us a bit and explain their pricing structure and the way that their crews works, it was really the ones who were recommended from other friends in the neighborhood who stood out at the ones we would want to work for. We realized that spending all that time reviewing the websites and magazines that do posts on contractors was more of a waste of time than anything. Because we ended up going with the top recommended contractor by those we knew, even after we met all the other highly rated roofing repair contractors. So now, the thing that I tell people when they ask me how to find a contractor or how I found mine, is that they shouldn’t waste their time on anything other than word of mouth. Because even though the review sites are somewhat over a newer and more modern version of word of mouth, there is something about listening to the person that you already know. Because you can see the word that they are recommending, and you can ask all kinds of questions that may not be addressed in an online review. The friend is the one who will tell you about pricing, and about the noise level of the crew, or the way that they park their trucks when they are working at your house. They will be more concerned about the neighborhood things, just like you would be. So it seems to me that it is more successful to just get the opinion of those in your area who you know have had roof repair work done recently, and meet the contractors that they have listed out for you.  This is going to cut down on the uncertainty that you may feel about a contractor, and will help speed up the process by narrowing the field of potential candidates from an unlimited number of contractors who do roofing repairs to just the contractors that you know friends have been happy with in the recent past, doing the same kind of work that you are looking to have done on your own home. So to choose a contractor to do a roofing repair, go with what a friend recommends.

roof repair

A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company will be Able to do a Thorough Job.

carpet cleaningOf all the surfaces in your home, none is more necessary to clean than your carpet.  People often forget about their carpets, or they assume that vacuuming is enough.  Unfortunately, we walk on our carpets every day, so they get exposed to a lot of tracked-in dirt, grime, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants.  These contaminants work their way deep into the carpet, as you walk on your carpet each day.  If they are too deep, vacuuming does not remove them.  To avoid too much bacteria building up in your carpet, you should get it professionally cleaned, preferably every year.  A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to do a thorough job of removing this unseen, unwanted buildup.  Of course, it does matter what kind of carpet cleaning company you select.  Many companies still utilize the old method of carpet cleaning, which utilizes large amounts of water and soaps.  The carpet is, essentially, washed in lots of soapy water.  This method has been popular for years, but is beginning to be replaced by a carbonated method, which is considerably better.  The drawbacks of the old method are the fact that it is very bad for the environment, it is hazardous to children and pets, and it is not necessarily very effective.  The reason it is so hazardous to both the environment and children is the fact that it utilizes very harsh chemicals, that are often not rinsed out very well.  In addition to posing a threat to your children and pets, this is also bad for your carpet.  The soaps that are left behind in the carpet can actually begin to grow mold, which means that your carpet actually may become dirtier than it was before.  The carbonation cleaning method uses much less water and does not leave soap residue behind, making it safer and far more effective.  Of course, some types of stains and damage to your carpet require more than just a basic cleaning.  For example, water damage sometimes requires some extra effort to remove.  Nevertheless, it can be done.  The best professional carpet cleaning companies will be able to remove just about any stain imaginable.  In the case of very severe stains, they cannot always rely on carbonation alone, though.  The carbonated way of cleaning is excellent for removing general dirt, mold, and bacteria in your carpet.  It cannot remove severe stains, though.  In most cases, if the company relies on carbonation, though, they will try to remove the stains, using as minimal amounts of chemicals as possible.  In addition to carpet cleaning, many of these services also provide rug and upholstery cleaning.  Upholstery is often very delicate, so it needs to be handled very carefully.  When it comes to upholstery cleaning, you typically need to remove the upholstery from the furniture.  Of course, the cleaning service will be able to safely remove and re-attach your upholstery for you, so there is no reason not to have it done.  Investing in regular upholstery cleaning can help your furniture last longer.

Improve Your Credit Score or Get an FHA Insured Loan to Buy a House

People with low credit scores, traditionally, cannot easily get a mortgage loan. There are persistent questions, however, on how one can buy a home even with bad credit.

Most financing companies and lenders use an individual’s credit score to indicate how well that person manages his or her money.

A low credit score, or what most people easily refer as bad credit, is a result of either: (1) a bankruptcy filing, (2) house foreclosure, (3) late payments on payables, (4) inability to pay on financial obligations when they become due. A good credit score can decrease easy, dropping to as much as 150 points or more very quickly. It is important to note, as well, that it is possible to improve one’s credit score over time and he or she can qualify for a new mortgage loan.

how one can buy a home even with bad credit

bad credit home loans

Improving one’s credit score is not the only way to get a home loan even if one has bad credit. The Federal Housing Administration or FHA insures home loans of those with a less than ideal credit history in order to promote home ownership. Even those who have declared bankruptcy or have had their house foreclosed can still qualify for a home loan several years earlier compared to a conventional loan. But, there are still some qualifying circumstances.

Those type of home loans that the FHA insures are referred to as FHA loans. What this means is that the FHA will cover the debt should the debtor fails to make loan payments or will default on the loan. In this way, financing companies or lenders will be far more willing to approve home or mortgage loans to people with low credit scores.

Those with low credit scores and who apply for a home loan can also buy a house with a smaller down payment even as low as 3.5 percent of the total home value.

There are costs, however, to all of these benefits. Those FHA loans have relatively low limits. Additionally, borrowers or debtors are required to pay a 1 percent mortgage insurance premium before a loan is released.  They need to pay the monthly premium for the mortgage insurance for five years, even when they have already built up enough equity.

There are other financing companies, as well, which provide home loans for people with bad credit without the FHA insurance, but they can tend to have high interest rates.

If you do not need to get a home loan immediately, it pays to improve your credit scores over time, first, before getting into any kind of loan so you would not be saddled further with high interest payments. Having an improve credit score will get one to qualify for a home loan with lower interest rates.

But, how does one improve his or her credit score?

Easily put, one can improve a bad credit rating by demonstrating or proving that one can now handle his or her finances more responsibly by doing all or most of these suggestions:

  • Stay employed for at least a year or two and show evidence of such;
  • Create a budget plan and stick with it;
  • Build up one’s savings account;
  • Use one’s credit cards only sparingly;
  • Keep within one’s credit lines;
  • Pay financial obligations on time to improve one’s payment history;
  • Pay financial obligations in full in four different kinds of credit accounts; and
  • Do not open new lines of credit.