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Old West Chem-Dry provides excellent water damage restoration services.

carpet cleaningWater damage in your home can be incredible frustrating and expensive to repair. I recently had a personal experience with water damage and I hope to never have one again. I live on the first floor of an apartment building and the neighbor that lives above me is a complete idiot. This past winter temperatures dropped to record lows and pipes all over the city were bursting due to the extremely low temperatures. The guy who lives above me for some reason thought that he didn’t need to turn on his heat when it was negative fifteen degrees outside. On the third day in a row of exceptionally low temperatures I returned home from work to find that a pipe above my apartment had burst and my entire apartment had been flooding with hot water for hours. There was a massive build up of steam that was causing water damage to the ceiling and walls, not to mention the damage that it was doing to my personal belongings. The entire floor was covered in two inches of standing water destroying anything that was on the floor. Thankfully my cat who had been trapped inside was okay, but I couldn’t say the same for the carpets.

My landlord called in a water damage restoration company to remove all of the excess water before repairs could begin. They brought in industrial sized fans and dehumidifiers to dry out everything in my apartment. After a couple of days most of the water was gone but the damage to the carpet was seemingly beyond repair. I demanded that my landlord replace the carpet in my apartment but he insisted in bringing in a carpet cleaning company to try to fix the damage to the carpet before resorting to replacing it all together. I was not convinced that this would work and was a little bit annoyed that he was potentially extending the time that I could not live in my apartment by trying to fix something that was in my opinion, beyond repair. Old West Chem-Dry is a trusted carpet cleaning company in the Denver area that specializes in emergency water damage restoration services. My landlord hired them to try to fix the carpet in my apartment and the next day two very friendly and professional employees showed up to my rescue.

Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning company on the planet and has thousands of locations all over the world. Utilizing state of the art technology and equipment, Chem-Dry assures their clients that if they are not able to clean your carpets to your satisfaction that no one can. Chem-Dry uses powerful cleaning solutions to tackle nearly any carpet cleaning project, including severe water damage to carpets due to leaks or flooding. Chem-Dry uses a system of extraction, which leaves carpets much drier than traditional steam cleaning methods. Using their powerful cleaning methods Old West Chem-Dry was able to clean my carpets that I thought were beyond repair after the flooding in my apartment.

There are many reasons to call a carpet cleaning company today.

What are the reasons you need to get your carpets cleaned? Even if they seem super clean to you, there are things going on beneath the visible tops of the carpet that beg for your attention. Think about what you track into your home from your shoes and carpet cleaning services socks? Think about what your dog brings in from the trail behind your house? You know what trail I am talking about, the one with the goose poop all over it. That’s the one. There can be no guarantee that all of the remnants of goose poop actually gets off of your dogs feet. Not to mention the other unmentionable things that gets attached to your dogs paws. Your shoes are even more scary to think about because a dog can wipe off anything completely large and gross from their pads but with shoes you can’t feel so much of what it is happening down there.

What about the things that you drop on the carpet? The tiny particles of food that you don’t even realize came off of your pretzel when you were munching on snacks while walking through the house and trying to get ready to go out for the afternoon. What happens then to that tiny piece of pretzel that is festering in the bottom of your carpet? Another thing that is pretty gross to think about is dust. Did you know that a good chunk of the dust we see in our home is actually dead skin cells? Think how many dead skin cells we have lying at the base of our carpet. What happens to that piece of pretzel and all of those skin cells? There really can’t be a specific answer but there is a definite pull to take care of this situation and that is to call a reliable carpet cleaning company like Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners to get your carpet as clean as possible.

So the next time you feel inclined to lie on your carpet and give your doggie a good pat, think about all the things that could in your carpet and give Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners a call. Their powerful machines and techniques make sure that all of the things aforementioned will be taken care of so you can lay a newborn on your carpet without fear of any germs getting onto their preciously new skin. Carpet is such a comfort and luxury to have in our home and so it is very important to take care of that luxury. Calling an affordable and understanding company like Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners can be a great way to make sure everyone in your home stay healthy and clean. Yes there are even allergens lurking down in your carpet. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners will help you take care of that as well. Oh and while you have them on the phone, ask them about their upholstery cleaning services. Think about it, when was the last time you cleaned your sofa? Someone has got to help get the food crumbs and other things off of it. So call Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners today. You won’t be sorry!

A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company will be Able to do a Thorough Job.

carpet cleaningOf all the surfaces in your home, none is more necessary to clean than your carpet.  People often forget about their carpets, or they assume that vacuuming is enough.  Unfortunately, we walk on our carpets every day, so they get exposed to a lot of tracked-in dirt, grime, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants.  These contaminants work their way deep into the carpet, as you walk on your carpet each day.  If they are too deep, vacuuming does not remove them.  To avoid too much bacteria building up in your carpet, you should get it professionally cleaned, preferably every year.  A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to do a thorough job of removing this unseen, unwanted buildup.  Of course, it does matter what kind of carpet cleaning company you select.  Many companies still utilize the old method of carpet cleaning, which utilizes large amounts of water and soaps.  The carpet is, essentially, washed in lots of soapy water.  This method has been popular for years, but is beginning to be replaced by a carbonated method, which is considerably better.  The drawbacks of the old method are the fact that it is very bad for the environment, it is hazardous to children and pets, and it is not necessarily very effective.  The reason it is so hazardous to both the environment and children is the fact that it utilizes very harsh chemicals, that are often not rinsed out very well.  In addition to posing a threat to your children and pets, this is also bad for your carpet.  The soaps that are left behind in the carpet can actually begin to grow mold, which means that your carpet actually may become dirtier than it was before.  The carbonation cleaning method uses much less water and does not leave soap residue behind, making it safer and far more effective.  Of course, some types of stains and damage to your carpet require more than just a basic cleaning.  For example, water damage sometimes requires some extra effort to remove.  Nevertheless, it can be done.  The best professional carpet cleaning companies will be able to remove just about any stain imaginable.  In the case of very severe stains, they cannot always rely on carbonation alone, though.  The carbonated way of cleaning is excellent for removing general dirt, mold, and bacteria in your carpet.  It cannot remove severe stains, though.  In most cases, if the company relies on carbonation, though, they will try to remove the stains, using as minimal amounts of chemicals as possible.  In addition to carpet cleaning, many of these services also provide rug and upholstery cleaning.  Upholstery is often very delicate, so it needs to be handled very carefully.  When it comes to upholstery cleaning, you typically need to remove the upholstery from the furniture.  Of course, the cleaning service will be able to safely remove and re-attach your upholstery for you, so there is no reason not to have it done.  Investing in regular upholstery cleaning can help your furniture last longer.