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These new engagement ring trends will have your head spinning!

Whether you are casually perusing engagement ring styles in hopes of someday perusal or actively looking for an engagement ring to slip onto the hand of someone you love, finding the right ring is both electrifying and terrifying! What if they don’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit? What if they say no altogether?! These are the questions that run through your head as you decide whether or not to buy a ring, and perhaps if you are looking longingly at one, you wonder how best to drop the hint that you like one style over another. Bottom line, the process of picking out this very special ring is one that may take you some time to figure out, but the good news is that there are some super stylish new engagement ring trends happening that will give you plenty of room for creativity so that you will be able to pick out the ring that will make your engagement unforgettable.

1. The Floral Detail Engagement Ring: This ring sports a large centered diamond with flowing florets swinging around the band with tiny diamonds sparkling as they fall around it. This ring looks as if the center diamond was a sun lighting up the world and giving rise to the tiny flowers around the band. This kind of engagement ring is for the ethereal girl who loves the earth and beautiful things, as this beautiful thing is sure to make her say yes!

2. East-West Setting Engagement Ring: This trend can be used in many different ring cuts  http://www.aridiamonds.comand its goal is to accent that center diamond, making it look larger because of the horizontal setting. This makes a big difference in the way the ring looks and allows you really see that center stone. Perhaps the best part about this style is that it really can be used on many different styles to help give that center stone a larger look.

3. Colorful Diamond Engagement Ring: Colorful diamonds can be a rare find, depending on the diamond. While some people prefer the more traditional white diamond that shines and sparkles to reflect different colors, a colorful diamond engagement ring will bring a whole new look to the engagement ring world. For someone with an unconventional sparkle in her eye, going with a yellow or pink diamond, might be a great choice. Other gemstones, such as sapphires, or even emeralds and rubies can also be excellent colored stone options without purchasing a colored diamond.

Regardless of which kind of engagement ring style you decide is best for you and your special someone, picking out a diamond that reflects a certain personality is your best bet. Choosing a diamond because of its size or because of its color alone is not enough to make certain that you will be picking out a diamond that really speaks to the qualities of the person you are buying a diamond for. While the element of surprise is nice, make sure that they like it before you spend a lot of money on it!