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  1. Using herbal supplements to fight headaches. In the last few years people have been less and less enthusiastic about reaching to the medicine cabinet for an aspirin every time they have a headache and now people are electing more and more to use herbal remedies for natural headache relief. Some of the bigger vitamin companies have started to release whole lines of herbal concoctions aimed at stopping headaches. This new trend of herbal remedies is nothing new since people have been using the healing properties of animals for as long as man has waked the earth. Almost everywhere you go you will hear people who swear by their herbal headache treatments and with each passing day there are more options for natural treatments.
  2. Visiting massage therapists as a form of headache treatment. The headache is a thing which is felt in the head but can be the result of a tension or injury in almost any part of the body. People have begun to seek relief for headaches at massage therapy clinics that specialize in treating people with conditions like tension headaches or stress headaches. One of the biggest reasons that this new trend has taken off so quickly is that the patient is able to relax and enjoy themselves while trying to ease the mind. Experts have been surprised by how efficient the therapies work for pains in the head. The idea that a massage will ease the discomfort of a headache is not too surprising since the majority of headaches are brought on by stress. Another great aspect of the massage treatment is that it takes on an approach to the problem by employing a thing that the majority of people already love in the first place.

Scented candles to relax away the tension.  People love candles because they can make the mood of a room come alive and seem really special. Now, many Americans have begun to use The way that these candles help fight headaches is similar to the way that the massage therapy helps ease headaches. The smell of a place has a powerful influence on how we feel and everyone knows that a strong, unpleasant smell can cause a serious headache, which means that a relaxing, pleasant smell may very well be able to alleviate headaches. Some smells make the body relax and helps us unwind after a hard day which might be a powerful tool against a sudden headache attack. People use candles while they door computer work or while they are getting ready for bed and it seems that a lot of people are successful in preventing headaches from coming on.  The idea has become so popular in fact, that there are a number of candle companies who have started marketing whole lines of candles as headache relief candles. Some of the companies have gone so far as to release candles that supposedly fight specific types of headaches. Since people already love candles so much, this cleaver idea is sure to keep growing