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4 Easy Steps in Installing Pond Pump and Filter

The most important part of the overall pond is the pond pump and its filter.  The plants, design, fish and even the rocks can give some good attractive qualities in your water garden but they don’t have any functions at all. The pond pump and filter’s main purpose is moving the water and keeping it clean.  Purely Ponds specializes in installation and designs of low maintenance and ecologically balanced waterscapes and water gardens.

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Pick the Right Size

People who build water gardens or ponds in their backyard sometimes pick the wrong pond pump.  Large pond pumps have a tendency to overwhelm a small pond pump.  A pond pump filter needs to circulate water through a filter into another filtration tank outside of the pond.  Afterwards, the water is returned to another pipe.  Most pond pumps cannot sufficiently handle the correct rate of water that must be changed.  A typical change rate of water is at least 4 to 5 times an hour.  If your pond pump doesn’t do that, then you should look for larger pond pumps.

When you need general pond supplies or pond pumps for your water garden, Purely Ponds is there to give you what you need.

Create a Filter Box

The filter is not going to be in the water, so it must be put in a container or a box.  You can conceal this with rocks or plants if you want.  The container goes to the side of your water garden, on the farthest end from where you would like to place the pond pump.

Using the electrical box you can connect the wire by the running wires, through a plastic PVC conduit under the water, to the electrical supply from the water filter.  By using hose clamps, you can attach both the inlet hose and the outlet hose, placing both in place where they are going to be concealed from human sight.

Installing the Pump

Run some water into your pond until the bottom is covered.  This will aid you in ridding of wrinkles in the liner and show you any low spots.  After filling with water those spots and fixing the liner, you can put the pond pump on the bottom of the pond.  The pond pump filter can be set freely or be placed into a water safe container for artistic purposes.

Add Other Pond Supplies

The major sight to any water garden or pond is the fish and plants that you place on them, not the pond pump.  Let the pump circulate the water for several days to free the pond with any debris from construction and to check the change rate of the water.  Once everything has been set up, you can add some pond supplies that Purely Ponds will offer.  This will make your water garden more appealing to the eyes.

Whether you need general pond supplies or a customized waterscape for your water garden, Purely Ponds is there to provide their professional service and creativity that will leave you a feeling of Zen in your backyard.

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