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Radon, the number two cause of lung cancer

Everyone is well aware of the incredible dangers of smoking cigarettes but for some reason or another, the second largest cause of lung cancer, radon, is hardly ever discussed. In fact, when most people go and buy a new home, they rarely ever consider the possibility that radon could be sneaking up from the cracks in the foundation or the basement. Varying amount of radon exists in almost every region and in almost every home though so it is important to have a professional radon mitigation company come and test how in danger your home is. Radon is a naturally occurring product of decaying uranium, which is found naturally in soil. When there are very little bits of radon in the soil, the threat to the people in the house is fairly inexistent. In some areas of the United States though there is a much higher amount of radon that appears naturally in the soil and homes in those areas need to take extra precautions to make sure that their homes and families are taken care of.

One of these areas where a lot more radon shows up in the soil than in other areas is Colorado. In fact Colorado ranks up on the list of top radon states so the residents have to take even more measures to protect themselves from this odorless, tasteless and colorless substance. or up through the water supply, however the latter is a significantly less frequently occurring situation. As you could probably imagine, radon that comes up as a gas and is inhaled is likely to cause lung cancer where as radon that comes up from the water supply is more likely to cause stomach cancer.

radon mitigationWhen Colorado residents move into a new home it is encouraged for them to call a radon mitigation company to come and do basic testing to see if there is an unsafe amount of radon present in the home. Once you get the all clear from the radon mitigation company it is a good idea to set up a radon detector in the home to monitor and see if ever something changes. Because radon is naturally occurring in the soil it can develop and become a problem at any time. The levels or radon in a home can even change quite a bit throughout the year so it is important to monitor the changes.

After you receive the all clear from the radon mitigation company, it is a good idea to also install a radon detector in your home so that you are notified if there are ever any changes in the radon condition of your home. Once the radon detector is installed it will function similarly to a basic smoke detector in that all you have to do is to check the batteries every so often and the device will notify you if ever there is an increased amount of radon in the home.