We Were Able to Keep Our Old Victorian-Era Garage By Adding New Garage Doors

garage doorsWe loved everything about our brand new home, except for the old garage.  My family and I loved the new house for its charm and the fact that it was situated in an older part of town.  But with that old capital hill luster comes older styles of homes and garages.  The house that we chose was beautiful with a huge front porch and spacious back yard.  The garage, however, was built during the same time that the house was so it was much smalle, narrow, and broken down.  The door was the old manual kind with a handle that was broken and a track that was rusted.  It also didn’t have any windows or much light at all inside.  The whole garage was built out of old stone and was narrow since it was built during a time when cars were much smaller.  Although it was small, we didn’t want to tear the garage down completely because it was an original structure.  Instead, we decided to fix it up a bit and make it more modern and usable.

The old garage door definitely had to go, but it was difficult at first to determine how we would replace it.  Most standard garage doors today are much wider and higher than what we needed to replace the old door.  Also, there was no automatic door opener installed or much room for it to be installed inside the garage so we worried that would even be an option.  After doing much searching we found an excellent garage door installation service that makes custom doors and can find and fit the perfect garage door opener for any space.  This company had no problem fitting a new door to the older frame, and despite the door being specially custom, we still had many choices and styles to choose from.  To keep with the older theme, we chose a more durable metal door that looked very similar to the old wooden one but with windows and an automatic opener.  The new door’s style perfectly matched the older structure but made the whole thing look much better.  We were also glad to hear that it was still possible to have an automatic opener installed, despite the smaller space.  Thankfully I already have a small car, but the installation company that we found was able to create a tight fit with the opener so that we could still enjoy such a modern feature in an older garage.

The possibilities that we had to choose from were actually almost overwhelming.  I had no idea that there were so many garage door options available.  If there ever comes a time that we move or have more space, I would absolutely look into have a new garage built and fitted with a beautiful new door.  The carriage house doors are especially stylish, but definitely need a big space to be shown off in.  You can even have plywood or molded fiberglass doors made if you need them.  There are truly so many styles and options to choose from these days.