Old West Chem-Dry provides excellent water damage restoration services.

carpet cleaningWater damage in your home can be incredible frustrating and expensive to repair. I recently had a personal experience with water damage and I hope to never have one again. I live on the first floor of an apartment building and the neighbor that lives above me is a complete idiot. This past winter temperatures dropped to record lows and pipes all over the city were bursting due to the extremely low temperatures. The guy who lives above me for some reason thought that he didn’t need to turn on his heat when it was negative fifteen degrees outside. On the third day in a row of exceptionally low temperatures I returned home from work to find that a pipe above my apartment had burst and my entire apartment had been flooding with hot water for hours. There was a massive build up of steam that was causing water damage to the ceiling and walls, not to mention the damage that it was doing to my personal belongings. The entire floor was covered in two inches of standing water destroying anything that was on the floor. Thankfully my cat who had been trapped inside was okay, but I couldn’t say the same for the carpets.

My landlord called in a water damage restoration company to remove all of the excess water before repairs could begin. They brought in industrial sized fans and dehumidifiers to dry out everything in my apartment. After a couple of days most of the water was gone but the damage to the carpet was seemingly beyond repair. I demanded that my landlord replace the carpet in my apartment but he insisted in bringing in a carpet cleaning company to try to fix the damage to the carpet before resorting to replacing it all together. I was not convinced that this would work and was a little bit annoyed that he was potentially extending the time that I could not live in my apartment by trying to fix something that was in my opinion, beyond repair. Old West Chem-Dry is a trusted carpet cleaning company in the Denver area that specializes in emergency water damage restoration services. My landlord hired them to try to fix the carpet in my apartment and the next day two very friendly and professional employees showed up to my rescue.

Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning company on the planet and has thousands of locations all over the world. Utilizing state of the art technology and equipment, Chem-Dry assures their clients that if they are not able to clean your carpets to your satisfaction that no one can. Chem-Dry uses powerful cleaning solutions to tackle nearly any carpet cleaning project, including severe water damage to carpets due to leaks or flooding. Chem-Dry uses a system of extraction, which leaves carpets much drier than traditional steam cleaning methods. Using their powerful cleaning methods Old West Chem-Dry was able to clean my carpets that I thought were beyond repair after the flooding in my apartment.