Finding Success Within My Restaurant

A while back, I noticed on Facebook that my niece and a bunch of her friends were going out for dinner together via a post she put up on Facebook. She said that she had been emailed a coupon from this restaurant for her and five friends and she was able to easily assemble a group over the social media site.

It was at that moment I had a light bulb go off in my head that I needed to reconsider the marketing strategy I was employing for my restaurant. We did not even have a website that was worth visiting let alone any presence on social media sites like Facebook. I could not help but imagine that people were getting together and talking about coming to visit our restaurant because of a campaign to reach out to them.

It Was Time to Hire Outside Help with my Restaurant

That night I could not sleep because of how concerned I was over this. In the morning, I contacted the nearby restaurant marketing gurus immediately and made an appointment to come in.

It felt great to meet with this online marketing firm because they were eager to hear about the specific needs of the restaurant, they also cared about how they could help turn things around for it. They listened intently to my specific problems and I could tell they were hard at work finding a solution from day one.

Sometimes it is a Lack of Visibility That Hinders a Restaurant

In their estimation, my restaurant suffered from a severe lack of online visibility. Almost everyone does their researching, shopping and appointment making online these days so if you are not among the many companies with functional websites and a great online visibility you might find yourself out in the cold. I had never really considered how important it is to be visible online but after they laid it out in such broad terms how was able to see what they meant.

So, as one portion of the team helped us to make a great restaurant web design, the other began helping to spread us across all form of social media site. If everything timed out perfectly we would have a functioning Facebook and Twitter page up and running about the same time as our website was published. It was an exciting time for our restaurant and I was able to fire up the crew based on future projections.

Finding Success in Our Campaign

To make sure that our campaign went off successfully we also commissioned a hefty amount of restaurant SEO articles to be used before and after our site were published. This would certainly drive the volume of customers we needed tour site and from there they could get information on our hours, menu and directions to find the restaurant. It was as if our restaurant was finally joining the 21st century with all of the other restaurants we routinely compete against for the better food and service.

Up until then it did not seem like a fair fight but now we were using the same tools but had a superior product to offer. The Restaurant Marketing Gurus gave us our confidence back and we have not had any issues since! The difference in our business is night and day.