The role of a carpet cleaner

When the home owner or renter calls the carpet cleaning company, they often have the carpet cleaner come out to their home. This is the best option when there is wall to wall carpeting that must be cleaned, and when there is large furniture that needs upholstery cleaning or a large rug that cannot easily be transported to the cleaning locations. When the service technician or the carpet cleaner as the customer often calls them, arrives at the home, carpet cleaningthe employee has several responsibilities to the company and the home owner or renter who has called them.

The first thing they are trained to do it make the home owner or renter feel very comfortable and confident. They are required to be happy and helpful, and offer a calming exchange before entering the home.

Once they do enter the home, the are trained to quickly and easily review the carpets and the upholstery and give a definitive time frame for how long the cleaning will take. They are prepared when they come to the home to begin the carpet cleaning immediately, or they can come back at a more convenient time once they fully understand the amount of work that will need to be done to ensure that the carpets and the furniture are clean.

Once they are ready to begin the work, they are responsible for getting their equipment into the home in a hassle free manner and ensuring that nothing is damaged in the process. The equipment can be large and heavy, but it is the carpet cleaners responsibility to ensure that the home owner or renter is not displaced by the equipment and that the moving process is not destructive.

Once the equipment is in place, the carpet cleaner will ensure that the proper order of rooms is discussed with the home owner. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for the one who lives in the home, and so the order of rooms to be cleaned can be discussed and set upon by the occupant. There is no reason why one would need to be done before another, it is entirely up to the customer to make that call.

The carpet cleaner will then be responsible for quickly and efficiently cleaning the carpet or upholstery in the methods and time frame that were indicated to the home owner or renter. There should not be any longer lasting work, it should all be done in the span of time that was agreed upon when the original transaction took place. This is the best method of good business.

After the carpets are cleaned, the carpet cleaner is responsible for getting the equipment back out to the van and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the job that was done. They must check it over and give their verbal approval before the carpet cleaner leaves the property, to ensure that the job is well done and that the customer is happy with the result. This is the end of the responsibilities of the carpet cleaner.